Monday, June 17, 2013

GUEST BLOG: Alison from Project Flying Fox

Recently we came across a project to encourage the creation of more fully accessible public bathrooms. Our interest was pricked here at Touched by Olivia, as it is a crucial part of the creation of our inclusive playspaces to ensure all the surrounding infrastructure is upgrading - including accessible amenities. We support Allison and Project Flying Fox, and hope you will sign her petition and get on board, too. Allison shares her mission below.

Just gotta pee? Me too... only it's complicated.  Wanna know why?
My Name's Allison. I like sport, music and time with my friends, no ladies and gents, I'm not looking for a date!
I have what the system calls high and complex needs Cerebral Palsy and I can't toilet myself independently . I'm 32 and have a uni education.  I also have a life beyond my restrictions.
I  work within the community services sector and have done in various roles. With the NDIS on its way to becoming a reality [we hope], comes an increase in opportunities for participation. However, with the increase in OHS restrictions and the trend away from mobile hoists, my ability to go to the toilet in a public disabled bathroom is SEVERELY restricted. 
My abilities are such that, I can do enough to manage to go to the toilet, sitting on and in a pan IN my chair. I'm capable of all of this on a good day when i'm not tired. I'm grateful on a bad day, that i know where all of the ceiling hoists are in the region. This has taken research on my part. 
I have 2 concerns.... 
  1. The hoists that exist, get very little publicity and 
  2. There aren't enough of them. 
With all of my education and life experience, my able bodied and dear friend Jodie Schutte summed it up best.

So here's something that a lot of people take for granted... being able to go to the toilet when away from their own home. Whether it be while shopping, on holidays, at a sporting or entertainment event, there's so many people who can't just assume that a toilet will be accessible to them. Let's tell our government that it's not OK for any sort of venue to discriminate against these people.
Sign the petition here
If you'd like more info email OR like our Facebook page.

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