Thursday, July 25, 2013

A work of art - the Livvi's Place Five Dock Interactive Mural

At Livvi's Place Five Dock, we have a real hero piece. It's an electronic oversized customised carousel that is accessible for wheelchairs, prams and also has seats for little ones or those not so steady on their feet.

We built a massive concrete wall around it that is home to a timber deck ramp with beautiful chimes you can run or roll over to create tunes.

The wall was quite a stark contrast to the colours of the playspace and the natural elements that surround it. We had been discussing what we could do to make the wall pop.

The idea of mural began almost two years ago. We were very fortunate to receive a generous grant from ICAP of $20,000 which allowed us to engage Lucilla Marshall of Epic Landscape Architects to bring it to life.

We wanted to tell the story of journeys to the playspace; our journey as well as the physical space.

We were inspired by a beautiful book written by Tricia Inglis called My Girl is a Funny Little Girl that shared the perspective of children with autism.

So we briefed Lucilla to incorporate QR Codes into the mural, which parents could then scan on their smart phones and be linked to information or videos that tell these stories.

The response has been really positive, from both the community and industry organisations. Today, our friends at Kidsafe NSW shared the mural in their playspace pick.

Read what they had to say about it.

What do you think of the mural? Have you scanned a code? Where did it take you?

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