Thursday, October 10, 2013

Come Play With Me: John Perkins

Today we are sharing the story of John Perkins, Founding Director of Touched by Olivia. We call John the King of the Kids.

What is your name? John Perkins

What does your organisation do?  
We partner with communities, corporations and governments to build inclusive playspaces.

How did you get involved in the world of play? 
When my wife Justine and I lost our baby daughter Olivia, we decided to honour her memory by creating the Touched  by Olivia Foundation.

What does inclusion mean to you? 
There is no distinction between anyone, regardless of ages, abilities, backgrounds.

What is your favourite playground memory as a child? 
Playing at the local park- cricket, football, with another 20 mates from the local neighborhood.

What is your favourite experience in the play world? Everything we do with TBOF is sensational.

Alive or dead, who would be the four people you'd bring on a dream play date? 
Olivia Perkins, my wife Justine, Elle McPherson, Barrack Obama.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
Look after the person next to the same way that you want to be looked after.

What is your favourite thing about play?
Straight out FUN.

Where do you see the world of play headed in the next ten years? 
All playgorunds are built to inclusively!

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