Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing Casey...

"Hi, I'm Therese and I live in Berwick, in the City of Casey. When I was first introduced to Touched by Olivia and their playground philosophies, I just knew that Casey needed a Livvi’s Place!

As the mother of two children, one with a physical disability, I understand some of the challenges that regular playgrounds can present. Some of my friends also have children with special needs or disability and I have watched saddened as they are unable to spend quality play time in typical playgrounds. With many families having no choice but to limit play opportunities to their own homes and backyards.

Opportunities to meet others and to connect with my community have always been very important to me. A ‘Livvi’s Place’ in Casey will be a place for families with children of all ages, stages and abilities to meet, socialise, connect with their community and make new friendships in a safe and play filled environment. I’m very proud that the City of Casey have agreed that Casey needs a ‘Livvi’s Place’ and I’m very much looking forward to watching our play space develop.

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