Thursday, June 6, 2013


No, this is not a post about those pesky head vermin that all parents of school age children greet with a groan and a swag of remedies. 

This is a story about why we are so committed to two. little. words. 

To some people, the words don't matter. It's about the experience. Whether you call it an all abilities playground, barrier free, accessible, the end result is the same. 

Ruby demonstrating the nest swing at Livvi's Place Brisbane. This piece of equipment is inclusive because it can be used intuitively and can create an opportunity for social interaction. We love nest swings!

We disagree. When you are in the "business" of advocacy like we are, it is important to develop a really clear message - except our message is more of an invitation. To everyone. When we start our process of creating a Livvi's Place, we are asking all members of the community we are building with to come together and help, or share their needs and vision. 

The site selection process is a crucial step in making sure an inclusive playspace works. The surrounding infrastructure and amenties help us to make the place a real community hub; things like BBQ and picnic space, amenties blocks that are fully accessible and adjoining playing fields and grassed areas means there is something for everyone

We are not making playspaces that are purely accessible. We are including everyone, full stop. Livvi's Place playspaces need to be somewhere you'd be comfortable meeting a friend to run or walk a few laps; grab a coffee and have a chat; host the family reunion, or birthday party. They are not just for mothers of toddlers. They are for our older generation, looking for a lovely place to spend some time in their community. There is no entry fee, or hierachy. 

In the near future... 

  • We hope to drop the word inclusive. 
  • We hope that adults of all ages feel welcome at Livvi's Place.
  • We hope that all new or upgraded public spaces are designed with the Universal Design Principles at front of mind. 
  • We will expand our Livvi's Place National Network so that every community with a need will have a Livvi's Place like Five Dock, Dubbo, Brisbane, Campbelltown, Ryde and St Albans will very soon enjoy!

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