Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Planning for the future...

It's always a big job, putting together our strategy. Referencing, writing, rewriting, formatting, cross referencing. It could be a never ending job. Always a tweak here, and shift there, a new word replacement.

That's why it's almost as exciting as opening a Livvi's Place when we finally finish it! The last document was printed in time for our Sydney Butterfly Ball in 2011, and has delivered some fantastic results, opened many doors and elevated Touched by Olivia. 

The message remains the same (inclusion through play), but we have spread our program reach to include a five school inclusive playspace pilot project. 

To review the strategy, please click here.  We would love your feedback and of course, we are always looking for assistance. 

So, how you can help us?
Our goal for an inclusive society connected through play can become a reality with your support.
  • We need government endorsement and funding.
  • We seek corporate sponsorship – pro bono and financial, as well as skilled staff volunteers.
  • We love community drivers and advocates who help us bring projects to life in towns all over Australia.
  • Most of all, we ask you to help us spread the word about the benefits of inclusive play.

For more information, call Bec Ho on 0414 506 606 or email her. 

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